A Life Coach, Eitu helps you to steer through life by way of motivation and various energy healing modalities to take charge of your life, its purpose and its goals.

Eitu has been an inspirator and encourager in her life. She has an innate quality to inspire and guide people. She has been conscious of the power of inspiring young even when she began her teaching career 23 years ago. She believes in always bettering the lives of people she crosses paths with. Like Robert Louis Emerson, she believes that there are no strangers here, only friends we have never met and so, is always breathing life and inspiration mindfully to make a difference in the lives of others by enabling them to see their true value and latent potential.

She has been part of iCONGO as Just Another Volunteer for many years and a writer at Idishoom, a portal that brings true life-altering inspiring stories to the world.

Eitu believes that as an inspirator, constructive thinkers and innovators who work on everything in life with a positive attitude and optimism she too works in the same way with people to bring out their best, be it through her poetry, her verse or her work as the Co-founder of International Volunteering Olympiad (iVO).

iVO is focused on students and youth with one inherent belief – The Hero in Me (THiME) – that every human being has a hero and unlimited potential within to achieve, unleash and empower GREATNESS in themselves and others. The idea is to help children discover, develop and unleash the unlimited heroic potential within through the moJOsh Inspirator learning model that focuses on Leadership, Life, Moral Lessons. This is complemented by hands on Volunteering and Community Service Leadership Learning to enable Individual Social Responsibility and Personal Discovery, Development. And most importantly recognition and reward through the Karmaveer Chakra badge of honour award and citation to acknowledge and appreciate every child’s contribution for nation building and ACTIONS to make the world a better place.

As an inspirator, Eitu lives with the hope and belief in making the world a better place by every small or big act in life. This quality has been honed and matured and is a great asset and tool when she works with the alternative therapies of energy work that aids her to inspire, guide and encourage people to move into a direction best suited for their holistic growth and well-being.

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