About a decade ago, Eitu trod on a new path that resonated with her sensibilities and persona. She has always been deeply perceptive with a strong emotional quotient which sharpened through ups and downs and organic growth in life. She always believed that she could lend a healing hand and smoothen the rough edges in the lives of others through her people person skills of relating and connecting with them at deeper levels.

An instinctive soul, she began to follow her intuition very closely in the last decade. This inner churning was complemented by experiences which were premonitory, vivid with explicit visions, dreams and incidences before major happenings in and around her life.

23 years of work experience out of which 16 years of mentoring and teaching English Literature and language to hundreds of students and another 8 years of social development work cemented her belief that she could heal, relate to and help all age groups in different genres of life through her warm, empathetic and clairvoyant approach to stress and strains. That’s when she set out on a mission to bring happiness, focus and passion in the lives of those who are distressed and need guidance through various healing/psychic mediums and energies that she had an inclination and natural flair for. Her innate intuitive spirit led her to comfort and relieve many dejected souls of their negativity and lean times through her healing leading them to a road of normalcy and happiness.

Eitu is a certified Angel Card Reader and an Angel Therapist. She is also a Reiki, Crystal and Chakra Healer. She has had hands-on learning in the various realms of energy work along with her intuitive and Claire gifts.

She provides holistic professional and personalized healing and psychic counselling for every facet of human life be it professional, financial or personal, helping people achieve their goals.

Eitu is also a volunteer for social development causes and Co-Founder at an entrepreneurial social educational venture. She is also very passionate about writing, poetry, pottery, cooking, gardening and reading.

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